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 External forces like wind and snow can be enough over time to stress solar panels. The effects produced by stress that appear on solar panels are  commonly called hot spots and microcracks.

 Hotspots are caused when cells are covered for a long period of time, generally by a build-up of dirt, leaves and general grime. When the cells are covered over, they shut down and stop working. The areas of the panels which aren't obstructed by dirt continue to work and form hotspots around the areas that have shut down. This adds to overall stress on the solar panels, reduces energy efficiency and excacerbates microcracks.

Microcracks are tiny cracks, usually invisible to the naked eye, that appear on solar panels after installation. While microcracks generally develop over time through exposure to weather, they are made worse when hotspots develop. Hotspots form on the cells of solar panels when areas are covered by dirt and grime. This puts more stress on the areas that aren't covered, leading to overheating and cracking. Existing microcracks become worse when  hotspots remain and new mircrocracks form, dramatically reducing the overall energy efficiency of solar panels.

Leaving a car out in the rain doesn't clean the car. Dust, general grime and pollution all form a fine seal over the car that often becomes thicker with rainfall. Likewise, leaving your solar panels to be 'washed by the rain' doesn't clean solar panels either. Regular cleaning is a form of preventative maintenance for solar panels, helping panels to remain free of hotspots, minimising microcracks and ensuring maximum energy efficiency of your solar system.

The following exclusions apply to service offerings:

  • The removal of objects and items causing shading, for example, trees or antennas.
  • Standard ladder roof access only. 2 storey maximum, no additional aids required.
  • Roof pitch must not be above 30 degrees.
  • Water must be available on site.
  • Price is based on maximum 6KW systems.
  • Maintenance of your solar system will not disturb asbestos.
  • Return visits will have additional base call out fees attached to item cost.
  • HSE issues causing failure of job are still chargeable.
  • 100kms from Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney CBDs.