Power from the sun. Now that's good energy.

We are large users of power. Our bills were quite high - $700+ every quarter. So now, it's gone down. We wanted to save money, and we have.

Tony, Origin solar customer

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Why? Because by February 2018 we had installed our millionth solar panel, we have ten years' experience, and we have solar experts all over Australia. We're Australia's second largest solar installer - and we can help you with everything. Custom design, energy evaluation, financing, installation, repairs, warranties and ongoing maintenance. Phew!

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Our solar system packages include solar panels and inverters and the option to take up one of our great solar energy plans - including Solar Boost Plus, only available to those who buy an Origin solar system. You can either pay for your system upfront or spread your payments over 24 months.

We make switching to solar easy.

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Want a solar battery?

A solar battery solution can maximise the value of your solar system - now, and in the future. You'll harness the sun's energy during the day and store any excess - for use at night, at peak times or in the event of a blackout. You get more control and certainty over your energy supply. And you'll help reduce your energy bills. Double winner.

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Feed-in tariff offers

When you generate more solar power than your household consumes you'll send the extra power back into the energy grid. And you can receive credits for that.  

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Solar maintenance and efficiency

Solar panels and systems don't need much to keep them on song. But clearing debris and trimming any shading trees are simple things you can do to keep your system at peak efficiency. Thinking of an upgrade?  We can help you with that too.

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50% solar panel rebate available now!

The Victorian Government recently announced a solar rebate - covering up to 50% of the cost of a solar panel system (capped at $2,225).

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