Is your solar system generating more power than you consume in your household? You may qualify for a credit on your energy bill for sending energy back to the power grid.

What is a feed-in tariff (FIT)? 

A FIT is a payment that you receive via your electricity retailer as a credit on your bill for the excess electricity that your solar system produces and that is fed back to the grid. The FIT is a rate that is set per kilowatt hour (kWh), and the eligibility criteria for FITs vary depending on the state you live in. For more information, see Feed-in tariff rates.

In the past, governments have funded specific schemes for large FITs to subsidise the price of solar systems. This is because the cost of a solar system was significantly more than it is today, and an incentive was needed to boost adoption levels.  All government-funded schemes have now closed for new customers, and the cost of solar is much more affordable. See Feed-in tariff rates for more information about old schemes.

Thinking of going solar? 

If you buy a solar PV system from us, you could be eligible to receive a 22—25 cent FIT for the excess electricity you send back to the grid, when you take up our Solar Boost Plus 24-month energy plan.

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Discover Solar Boost, our bundled FIT and electricity energy plan for ACT, NSW, SA and QLD customers allowing you to receive a higher FIT for the excess solar electricity you export to the grid instead of our standard retailer FIT.

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