Benefits of solar energy

Like to see your electricity bills go down?
Want to do something environmentally helpful?
Solar's a win win.


Solar reduces your electricity bills

Generating your own energy means you draw less from the grid, and therefore reduce your energy bill. Simple!


It improves the value of your home

Should you sell, having a solar system is a great value add for potential buyers. Add a solar battery for even more!


Unused power puts you in credit

Excess electricity is sent to the grid - with feed-in tariffs then calculating and crediting your account.


It reduces your carbon footprint

Being a renewable energy source, you can make a real impact by reducing your home's greenhouse gas emissions.

How solar energy works

The great Australian sun - your natural source of free energy

How solar works

1. Solar panels

Solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into DC (Direct Current).

Solar systems

2. Solar inverter

A solar inverter then converts DC into AC (Alternate Current) - which then powers your home in real-time.


3. Solar battery 

If you install a solar battery, excess energy is stored here (rather than pushing out to the grid).

Solar battery solutions

4. Digital meter

Your energy use and habits are easily tracked with a digital meter.

Digital meters

5. Power grid

Any excess energy that you generate is pushed out to the grid. This energy is measured and calculated (feed-in tariff) to credit your account.

Solar feed-in tariffs


Why Origin Energy?

We don't just install solar systems, we help tailor a solution to suit you. And we've been doing this for years.

Our approach to solar


Feed-in tariffs

Understand feed-in tariffs and what happens when your system generates excess power and sends it to the grid.

Feed-in tariffs


Articles and testimonials

Find out more about life with solar, and hear from our happy customers about their solar journey with us.

Articles and testimonials

Other considerations

Solar is real time

When the sun is out, you’re generating power. So when clouds draw in or the sun goes down - you’re most likely going to be drawing from the grid. There are of course options. You can install a solar battery such as the Tesla Powerwall, store any power you didn’t use in real time, and use it later.

It’s a long game

If you’re planning on moving in the next couple of years, you may not reap the full benefits of your initial investment. To help estimate your quarterly saving and ROI, check out our solar calculator.

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