Predictable Plan

Pay the same amount for your electricity or natural gas for 12 months -  no price hikes, no nasty surprises.

Our Fair Use Policy applies.

Pay the same amount 
No nasty bill surprises or price hikes during your plan

No more 'Bill Shock'
Avoid big seasonal bills with a fixed monthly or fortnightly price for 12 months

Simple prices - simple payments
Knowing your exact bill each month makes it easier to budget and direct debit payments make it hassle-free

A price just for you
We look at your previous usage, ask you a few questions and tailor a price for your home


Estimated monthly instalments
(and we're pretty good at estimating)

$100 per month (approx)

for low usage households
(3 MWH / year)

$160 per month (approx)

for medium usage households
(6 MWH / year)

$220 per month (approx)

for high usage households
(9 MWH / year)

For QLD only. Actual amounts tailored to individual household usage. Medium household represents an average estimated residential electricity user in QLD. A low usage household has been modelled to use 50% less electricity than a medium one and high usage household to use 50% more electricity than average customer.

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See how Predictable Plan can make life easier for you

What makes this plan different and what does fixed pricing mean

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Seasonality can lead to high bills on your standard usage plan.

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With Predictable Plan we'll calculate your tailored amount by looking at how much energy you've used in the past and how you heat and cool your home. 

Or do you think you're not the predictable type?
We have other plans where you can be as inconsistent as you like. Take a look!

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If you use less energy than we predicted, you’ll continue to pay the same instalment. But if you take up a new Predictable Plan, your new fixed price will be based on your lower usage. You can choose to switch to another plan that may suit your needs better at any time, such as a plan where the charges are based on your actual usage.  

No. Predictable Plan is a fixed price energy plan tailored for your household. You'll pay the same amount for your electricity or natural gas each month for one year. However, our Fair Use Policy applies to Predictable Plan. Under the policy, we may end your Predictable Plan if your usage is excessive or unreasonable.

If you change or renew your Predictable Plan, a new price will be offered based on updated billed usage (among other factors). 

We’ll use the information you give us about how you use energy in your home, and factor in the time of year, to determine an annual usage estimate. 

What people are saying about Predictable Plan

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"The aptly-named 'Predictable Plan' from Origin Energy is something of a game-changer in Australia."

"Initially I thought it was too good to be true and that there must be a loop-hole, but there isn’t one. Predictable Plan has allowed me to have peace of mind all winter without having to worry about getting any of those big bills."

- Sandi, Hawthorn Vic

"Before, as soon as I saw my bill email I would feel scared. Now I don't care."

- Kristy, Kogarah, NSW

Are you interested in Predictable Plan? Find out if you qualify.

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For Origin Predictable Plan we need 85+ days billed usage data in kWh/MJ for your home for the selected fuel (55+ days in MJ for natural gas in Victoria) on your current tariff type. Other eligibility may criteria apply. Payment by direct debit. Exact amount tailored to our estimate of your usage for the next 12 months.

Under our Fair Use Policy, we may end your Predictable Plan if your use is excessive or unreasonable. For more see our Predictable Plan terms and conditions.