Lighting solution for zero upfront costs

With LightingFlex, lighting is provided as a service. This means we design and install a lighting solution specific to the operational needs of your site with no upfront equipment costs.

We will then monitor, manage and guarantee the lighting system performance for the duration of the term. All you pay is one simple monthly fee which is substantially lower than the cost savings generated, so you are always in-front and cash flow positive.

Why LightingFlex?


Reduced energy bills

Our lighting solutions are designed to be efficient, intelligent, adaptive and future proof, providing considerable energy cost savings and reducing your bill. Typical savings are around 80% of your existing lighting load.



Guaranteed performance

The Matrixx lighting platform collects a rich stream of data using Industry 4.0 automation. Weekly reporting provides deep insight in to the operational efficiency of the lighting system to guarantee performance.



Zero maintenance costs

We manage, monitor and maintain the lighting solution taking care of any ongoing costs and hassle.

At the end of the term you can choose to continue this service or buy the LaaS system from us for $1.


Is it right for your business?

Our lighting specialist can determine whether LightingFlex is suitable for you, but some things to consider:

  • LightingFlex works best for larger sites that have long operating hours, which typically relates to greater savings
  • LightingFlex contracts range from 5 to 15 years, so it’s good to consider if and how your circumstances may change.


Frequently asked questions

Looking at the energy-efficiency of your lighting can be less intensive than assessing the energy-efficiency of other equipment. Often energy-efficient lighting can help you reduce your electricity load and help reach your environmental targets.

Matrixx Lighting Solution is the LightingFlex modular hardware, designed in Australia for the extremes of our industrial environments. Its low profile allows the system to be mounted on a wall and its pre-determined cables means it’s easier to deploy and maintain.

Lighting as a service means zero upfront cost for an energy-efficient, tailored light solution for your business. For a simple monthly fee, we ensure your lighting system is maintained and operating efficiently.

  • Australian manufactured lighting system, designed to meet site needs and adhere to Australian Standards
  • Intelligent control designed for industrial applications
  • Operational consultation to tailor design of control strategies for your site
  • Lighting solution implementation and commissioning by accredited experts to Australian Standards
  • Light delivered and maintained to target levels over the term of the agreement
  • Access to smart data including operations reporting, compliance reporting and system analytics
  • Technology upgrades as needed



  • Easier, quicker and cheaper to install
  • Large portion of site energy use attributed to lighting
  • Low occupancy rates mean higher savings

Manufacturing Facilities

  • Smart facilities, that can benefit from smart technology
  • High operating hours, which means more savings
  • Daylight availability means access to daylight savings
  • Complicated ceiling optimal for Matrixx’s low profile

Refrigerated Storage

  • Fluoros perform poorly in cold, so existing tech is most likely old
  • Cold conditions are optimal for LED lifespan
  • Surface mount fixtures mean small penetrations
  • Ballast in ceiling space, reduces warming effects in cool room