How to read your electricity meter

22 June 2016

Knowing how to read your meter means you can double check what you're being charged for when your bill comes, and monitor your energy use to keep bills down. A few simple tips and you'll be on top of your charges, and it could help reduce your usage. 

There are literally hundreds of types of meters in Australia, and of course they vary from state to state. But that doesn’t mean that reading your meter needs to be overly complicated.

There are two main types of meters:

  • Digital display
  • Dial display

Digital display meters are becoming increasingly more common as new developments and properties tend to use them over the older dial model. 

VIDEO: How to read a dial display meter

Follow these simple steps to reading your dial display meter.

VIDEO: How to read a digital display meter 

Follow these simple steps to reading your digital display meter.

No time for a video?

Visit our info page on how to read your meter.

Different type of meter?

Some homes don't have a digital or a dialled meter.

If your home doesn’t have either - don’t panic – there is a third, popular style of meter in Australia which uses a digital display, but requires you to press a few buttons to get the reading. If you have one of these meters then simply XXXX (what does the customer do)  

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