Why agriculture is the big winner in solar energy

Farmers across Australia are in constant demand of energy so it’s no wonder we’re speaking to more farmers around energy efficient options like solar.

Farmers require energy to operate equipment and machinery like tractors and mowers, irrigating plants, drying grains, heating and cooling buildings, lighting barns, plus new technologies such as robotic dairies and data-gathering machinery. The good news is that solar energy can help to reduce the consumption and reduce their reliance on the grid.

How does solar benefit farmers?

No carbon emissions

Farmers know how essential sunlight is for their businesses. Without this natural resource, there would be no farms. Not to forget, it is clean, renewable and abundantly available which means it doesn’t release any carbon dioxide into the environment.

For Burgi’s Cool Store - a fruit orchard and cold store facility in the Yarra Valley - the switch to solar was a natural extension of using the sun’s energy to grow their fruits. Their philosophy is to leave things better then they found them, and with Solar energy they can continue to deliver on their commitment by reducing emissions for a cleaner future.

It’s more affordable

It’s no surprise that solar energy can help with lighter electricity bills. With Origin’s SolarFlex, there’s also no upfront cost to install solar, something that usually concerns small businesses.

For Origin client Tapanappa Wines, this was a key driving factor in making the switch to solar. Not only have they improved their sustainability credentials but are also saving an estimated $8,000 annually on electricity.

Burgi’s Cool Store also saw the need to reduce the operational costs that came with operating a 24-hour cool room, an irrigation system that runs 48 hours a week in summer and a fruit packing plant that operates 6 hours a week all year. Their switch to solar in 2015 has greatly helped to improve their operating platform, helping them to focus on things that matter the most.

Farming technology powered by solar

Australia’s farming industry is a hotbed of innovation and there are a number of new trends such as automation and agriculture robots drastically changing the way farmers operate today.

In addition to using the sun’s energy to generate electricity and heat water, farmers can now perform a range of functions throughout the farm using solar power. From solar powered sensors to solar fence chargers and irrigation systems, there are multiple new applications for solar on farms.

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