Solar panels increase property value

Research carried out by Origin and property website shows that people believe going solar boosts value of your home.

New research reveals home buyers and renters are willing to pay extra money for homes with solar panels installed.

Research carried out by and Origin Energy has found that landlords and home owners could add thousands of dollars to the value of their property, with 85% of Aussies agreeing that properties with solar panels installed are more valuable, and 78% believing it would add up to $10,000 to the price.

"78% of people asked thought that a home with solar panels could be worth up to $10,000 more."

Fast Facts

  • 75% of home buyers said that houses with solar panelled installed were more more attractive to them as buyers.
  • 75% of renters said they'd be more likely to rent a property if it had solar panels, making it a good choice for landlords.
  • 40% of renters said they'd pay $10 more a week in rent for a property with solar.